Paul Lundgren Bio

Paul Lundgren

Paul credits his musical abilities to his dad Jim Lundgren who was his mentor and inspiration for his love of  life and music.

Paul's father spent 30 years as our Nation's Chief Naval Band Master. He was also an accomplished jazz percussionist and after retirement spent 10 years with the Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra.

Paul started singing and playing drums under his father's instruction at a very early age. He was encouraged to learn jazz as his foundation into rock 'n' roll and rhythm & blues and to always keep an open mind to all genres of music.

Paul and his brother Erik started their first band before they were even teenagers. They surround themselves with other highly skilled artists and offer a broad spectrum of music.

Great entertainment for all types of venues covering many styles of music ranging from smooth jazz, classic rock to today's adult contempory rock radio hits.

This band is perfectly suited for any & all occasions!

Erik Bio

Erik Lundgren

Erik, a Jacksonville, Florida native, exploded onto the music scene at just 14 years old. By the time he was 16, he cut his first album while with the Johnny Van Zant Band.

Since then, Erik has performed on stages all over the world.

In 2006, Erik was presented with his first Gold Album "Get Right With The Man" as lead guitarist of Van Zant.

His musical career far from over, Erik continues to astound audiences as an accomplished guitarist and vocalist.

Erik, has recently joined forces with his brother Paul in the Paul Lundgren Band, The Lundgren Brothers Duo and their concert event project band "Brothers Rebel."

Band History

1977 - 1978 The Austin Nichols Band - Polygram/Geffen Records

1978 - 1987 The Johnny Van Zant Band - Atlantic Records

1993 - Molly Hatchet - Capital Records

Van Zant - II 2001- Sony/Columbia Records

Van Zant - 2005 - 2008 Sony/Columbia Records


Patrick Crawford

Jesse Reyes hails from the Philadelphia area and has played bass guitar professionally for over 25 years.
He brings that “Philly” attitude and style into his playing.

Jesse’s primary musical style is funk, soul, R&B, fusion, smooth jazz and of course, Rock & Roll.

He is a formally trained musician who plays almost all bass clef brass instruments from a very early age.

Musical ensembles include, concert bands, orchestras, stage bands, jazz bands, marching bands, drum corps, progressive, classic rock, and modern rock.

He has shared the stage with recording artist(s) Earth, Wind and Fire, The Guess Who, Brad Delp of the popular rock band Boston, Shilts, The Sax Pack and others…

Jesse’s high level skill set is a perfect fit within the Paul Lundgren Band.

Ray Bio

Ray Wood

"Ray is originally from London, England and has played with many top London Jazz Artists. Then started his USA journey at Berkley School of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. He fell in love with the United States.

While at Berkley.. Ray met the infamous Gerry Bargonzie and decided to study exclusively with Gerry for the next four years.

Ray opened his own studio in downtown Boston and performed session work for a vast array of artists.

Ray also has extensive "live" band experience to include The John Payne Big Band, River City Big band, The Hotpoint's, A1A North, The Furys and the list goes on.. Ray now enjoys playing with The Paul Lundgren Band.

Bio JonJohn Farmer

Danny ,  graduate   of   the   University   of  North  Florida  Percussion   Program,  has   been drumming   professionally for   nearly   three   decades.

He   has   toured   the   United   States   playing diverse  musical  styles  ranging  from  rock  to  reggae;  soul  to  swing;  funk  to  folk;  and progressive metal to praise & worship.

As   a   member   of   Caribbean   Sound   World   Music  Ensemble,   Danny   had   the  distinct privilege  of  appearing  as  artist /clinician  at  the  Percussive Artist  Society  International Convention,   as   well   as   guest   artist   appearances   with   numerous   symphony   orchestras   from Cedar   City ,   UT  to  New  Orleans,   LA;
from  Memphis, TN   to   Rockford,   IL;  and   from   Atlantic City , NJ to Jacksonville, FL.

Currently   Danny  occupies   the   drum   chair   for  Paul   Lundgren   Band   and   also   teaches privately at Rhythm & Keys Music, Jacksonville, FL.

Danny’s   passion   for   music   is   only   surpassed   by   his love   for   our  Awesome   God,   lovely wife, and bright kids.

“Make a Joyful Noise" and “Learn His Unforced Rhythms of Grace."